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Friday, May 27, 2022
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My envisaged South Africa: A wise wolf in the same old sheep skin…

Exciting times we are living in, the red berets came and are busy changing the way parliament and the whole political landscape is running. Tough questions are being asked, even though answers are not coming forth, but these 25 members in the National Assembly do represent the views of the so-called clever blacks. These clever blacks are afraid to voice out the exact opinions

that the red berets are putting out there. I bet with my life that a high percentage of the readers of this column form part of the “clever blacks” category.

I would like to throw a curve-ball to you the reader, are you one of those South Africans that keep on complaining yet do nothing drastic to change their circumstances? You complain about service delivery, about e-tolls, about corruption, yet every five years you go and mandate the same people into power. Hold on tight to your horses, please I am not advocating for any political party or a particular movement. I am just being an enquiring South African, I am wondering how we can get economic liberation if we do not drastically change our way of doing things. If we keep on doing the same thing over and over again, we are going to be sent to the cocoons school, don’t say I did not warn you.

So my fellow reader, I would like this column to be a two way street, let us engage about ways of taking this country forward, about way of re-energising those ideas that you have to better yourself and those around you. Let me tell you this, it is not about those wolves out there, it is about us (the sheep) that allow the wolves amongst us.

Are you a wolf or a sheep? As for me I am too clever to be a sheep. Am I a wolf? It’s for you to decide…. South Africa lets engage…..


Bio of Tshepo Monnamoroe

Tshepo Monnamoroe is a political thinker and he enjoys the political debates especially pertaining to where this country is meant to be going. He critiques issues and would like this column to be very constructive, it is meant to be a two way street whereby solutions are brought to the table and form a movement where these issues are taken to the higher level. I am sole believer that without the intelligentsia coming together and asking relevant questions, this beautiful country of ours will not go anywhere. 

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