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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Life is too short.

Life is too short, why dwell

in the past? Some people are catapulted out of our lives for a reason whereas some are brought into our lives as a blessing. At times we are so busy chasing the wind that we do not realize what or who is beside us and how much they want to take us by the hand and guide us.

Our minds are too preoccupied to notice that the heart is still beating and that our mornings are slowly becoming nights; to us these incidents happened every day so we fail to discover the miracle. We are so busy that we don’t realize that the wind was just a plot of distraction that had no intension of slowing down.

The veldt fires in our lives are blown out of proportion, they get worse, they rage out of control and by the time we feel we need it to rain it’s too late; our chances of true happiness are blown away and engulfed by the fires we set ourselves in moments of carelessness and negligence.

It seems we are always falling short of something, nothing is truly complete. We waste our lives searching for treasures so obvious and simple to find, we are so occupied with the world that our lives are just waiting for us to give them direction and attention. So many of us “nest” we lay foundations of doubt and we hope somehow, somewhere something will happen to us in order for all those dreams to hatch. Oh, but they say ‘hope’ is not a plan we procrastinate, we avoid the truth we bury our talents and we hide our motives.

We are slowly beginning to fail our dreams, how many of us can say we truly understand what it is meant by truthful living, living our lives in a manner that is fulfilling and worthwhile. Tell me when was the last time you said ‘I am living my life the best way I know how and I am fortunate to have been blessed with yet another day.’ I think people assume too much, they tend to think that tomorrow is bound to come and that what is broken today can be replaced or corrected tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed,’ time’ does not belong to anyone, not even the rich and powerful. One cannot own time, ever heard the expression “we are all living on borrowed time.” It is indeed true; my time is not your time and your time is not my time. My time could be slightly limited when compared to yours.

I think we misrepresent our lives we wear broken Kato masks of “youth”. So many of us go wrong at this stage and we somehow forget; we forge, hammer, invent, contrive, devise, excogitate cut, stick and modify ourselves just so we stay the same in a different place. Although youth is associated with beauty and opportunity, it can unfortunately turn into a curse for many people. So many of us live in a time capsule of artificial disguise and make believe. Youth is not permanent, it was never meant to last forever; like a stunning handcrafted Italian masquerade we find ourselves becoming misplaced, mislaid in what we choose to believe is ‘us’ shadows with ersatz shades of beauty. be contnued...


Nezisa Mfenyana:

Creative Strategist, Poet and Writer.

I’m fond of technology but I love unmarked new inventions even more...I believe in creating trends not following them.  I eat, drink and sleep ‘words’...  I’m not just a writer I am a creator of concepts and ideas.  I have a lethal dose of imagination and an untameable kind and loving personality.  Quickest way to kill me:  Leave me in a room with someone whom has no opinion about the world they inhabit.

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